Volume 8, Issue 2
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Leaky Toilet? Checking Yours & How to Fix It!

This month we’ve sent you toilet leak detection tablets. So, even if you use auto-pay for your bill, be sure to open your statement this month and use the enclosed tablets to check for leaks. Read the story here: Read More

Drought Conditions Return

Much of the west is once again experiencing severe drought conditions. Most California counties are now under a declared drought emergency. Santa Cruz County is not yet included in the drought emergency, partly because we don’t depend on snowmelt for our water. Our region depends on surface and groundwater that is replenished by rainfall. The rain season begins October 1 and ends September 30. According to NOAA, this season (Oct 2020 – Sept 2021) Santa Cruz County has only received 46% of average rainfall. The US drought monitor website shows our county in stage D3 (Extreme Drought). What does all this mean for you? Read More

Have you seen that Commercial?

There is an interesting commercial for dishwasher detergent that says “we do it every night.” In that commercial they state that running your dishwasher every night, even when it’s not a full load, uses less water than hand washing the dishes. The thing is, as true as that may be, if you choose to run your dishwasher only when it is full, then you will be using EVEN LESS water.
So maybe… you don’t really need to do it every night! 😀


Check out this month’s fun to give your imagination a little workout! Find it here and Read More