Volume 11, Issue 1
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A Busy Winter!

On the hill above the neighborhood, PureSource has two large water tanks. One tank was installed only about 13 years ago, but the second tank is more than 40 years old. As was explained in the notice that was sent out in January, light chlorination of the tanks is necessary before placing the repaired tank back online. What this means for you? Read more here: Read More

Storm Stuff

How it Works, How to Help
In winter storms, it is common to lose power, cell service, and/or land line phone service, but your water service stays consistent during power outages. Our system does not rely on pumps to get the water to your home. Instead, it is a gravity feed system where the water flows from the tanks on the hill, down to your home. While power outages do affect the ability to run the pumps that send water up to the tanks, the large amount of storage in those tanks means we can provide water for about a week, or longer with your help. How to help? Read More

A Special Thank You!

There are many things to take care of before and after storms, both to prevent issues and to clean up afterward. A special thank you to neighbors Jim Murphy, Becky and Dave Steinbruner, Ernie White, & many more of you for going the extra mile for the community.

Spring Gardening!

When choosing plants for your yard, think native plants. Native plants are always a good choice for gardens because they have evolved to thrive in our climate without a whole lot of extra work. This means they need less, or no water. They like the summer heat and winter wet and even the foggy days, and they tend to be deer resistant as well!

Here are four good choices for our neighborhood. Read More