Volume 8, Issue 3
In This Issue
Meter Update!

Water meters are an excellent tool for finding leaks. Last year we equipped five Customer service connections with meters. This year we have installed three so
far, with plans to install three or four more before the end of the year. Read the story here: Read More

Drought and Weather Watch Updates

Our County has been added to the list of counties under the Governor’s drought emergency declaration, requesting a voluntary 15% reduction in water use. Thank you to those of you who have responded to our requests for increased water conservation. Keep up the good work! We also want to acknowledge those who are working to improve the fire safety of our community. There is no way to separate fire and water; really all four elements impact our daily lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains.Read More

Help Look for Leaks

While in a drought we want to be especially careful to avoid water waste. One of the best ways to do that is to find and fix leaks, big or small. The trouble is they can be sneaky and tough to find. That’s where we can use your help. Many of you walk up and down the road regularly, you also know your own yards. Have you seen any unusual wet spots? Tell us and we will investigate. Learn about the water main, pipes and more for your eagle eyes! Read More


Check out this month’s fun to give your brain a little workout! “FIND-A-WORD” here and Read More